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Which actress taught Urdu language to Chandan of Nadiya Ke Paar?

Who introduced the fine actor Sachin Pilgaonkar, known for playing Chandan in Nadiyaa Ke Paar, to Urdu language. 

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Sachin Pilgaonkar, a fine actor of Hindi and Marathi films & TV, is also known for his love for Urdu language. Born in Maharashra, the actor started his career as a child artist and got the opportunity to work with legendary actress, Meena Kumari, in the movie Manjhali Didi. During the shooting, the actress noticed the marathi accent in Sachin's hindi and talked to his parents about it.

Meena Kumari asked Sachin's parents to send him over to her house so she could teach him Urdu and correct his Hindi accent and dialect as well. Sachin Pilgaonkar went from trying to avoid learning it (as any kid of age 9 would have done) to truly loving it and making it an important part of his life. 

After Meena Kumari when she couldn't teach Sachin anymore due to her health conditions, another leagend of Indian cinema, Majrooh Sultanpuri, helped Sachin Pilgaonkar continue his journey with Urdu.

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