9 best Indian actors with Postal stamps.

Top 9 Indian actors with postal stamps – an honor from Goverment of India for their contribution in arts and films.

Having a postal stamp with your name or photo was and still is one of a prestigious accolades for artists in Indian film Industry. For many it was a bigger honor than many awards as it represented the Indian government recognizing the artist’s contribution in arts of film making.

Here we have picked 9 top Indian actors with postal stamps.


1. Prithviraj Kapoor.

Prithviraj Kapoor stamp 2013

A pioneer of Indian theater and cinema, Prithviraj Kapoor was honored with a stamp in 1996.

2. Raj Kapoor.

raj kapoor stamp 2001

Known as the “Showman” of Indian cinema, Raj Kapoor was featured on a stamp in 2001.

3. Nargis.

Nargis Dutt 1993 stamp of India

A legendary actress, Nargis Dutt – known for Mother India – was honored with a postal stamp in 1993.

4. Madhubala.

madhubala stamp 2008

Celebrated for her beauty and acting talent, Madhubala – known for Mughl-e-Azam – was featured on a stamp in 2008.

5. Meena Kumari.

meena kumar stamp 2011

Known as the “Tragedy Queen” of Bollywood, Pakeezah actress Meena Kumari was commemorated with a stamp in 2011.

6. Dev Anand.

dev anand stamp 2011

An iconic actor and filmmaker, Dev Anand was honored with a stamp in 2013.

7. Guru Dutt.

guru dutt stamp 2004

An influential filmmaker and actor, Guru Dutt was featured on a stamp in 2004.

8. Rajesh Khanna.

rajesh khanna stamp 2013

Known as the “First Superstar” of Indian cinema, Rajesh Khanna was commemorated with a stamp in 2013.

9. Shammi Kapoor.

shammi kapoor stamp 2013

An actor known for his energetic performances, Shammi Kapoor was featured on a stamp in 2013.

Images Credit : Government of India

Images Source : WIkipedia.