Shut In full trailer is out now – feat. actress Rainey Qualley.

Shut in tells the story of a mother who will do whatever it takes to protect
her kids from her ex-boyfriend – feat. actress Rainey Qualley.

shut in movie rainey qualley
Rainey Qualley in Shut In | photo : youtube/TheDailyWire

The Daily Wire’s first original movie titled Shut In
has released it’s first trailer and it looks appealing. Shut In features
actress Rainey Qualley in the role of a mother who is selling her house but is
invaded by her ex-boyfriend and is locked out in the pantry. She will have to
do whatever it takes to protect her children. The  trailer also shows
Rainey Qualley going beyond her limits as a mother with ingenuity.

Shut In is directed by XXX and Bodyguard director D. J Caruso.
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