10 best Anime series you should watch.

Top 10 popular and best Anime series which should be on your watch list – Death Note, One Punch Man and more.

Anime has been a favorite of many and has gained global popularity with some of the amazon series telling best stories and giving iconic characters. While Anime was originated in 1907 in Japan, it has spread around the world in form of paintings, graphics, movies and TV series.

Here are 10 best anime series which have become a fan favorite.

    1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

    An iconic anime that tells the story of two brothers on a quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone after a failed attempt to bring their mother back to life.

    2. Hunter x Hunter (2011-2014).

    Embark on an exciting journey with Gon, a young boy with dreams of becoming a Hunter, a remarkable individual capable of extraordinary feats.

    3. Stein’s Gate.

    Immerse yourself in the world of science fiction as a university student stumbles upon the ability to travel through time, using his newfound knowledge to thwart the plans of a malevolent organization.

    4. Clannad: After Story.

    Continue the emotional rollercoaster of Clannad with this sequel, delving into a new path that unfolds after the events of the original series.

    5. Attack on Titan.

    Step into a captivating dark fantasy realm where humanity resides within towering walls, shielding themselves from colossal humanoid creatures known as Titans.

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    6. Death Note.

    Prepare for a gripping psychological thriller as a high school student discovers a supernatural notebook that grants him the power to eliminate anyone whose name he writes in its pages.

    7. Haikyuu!!.

    Cheer on a high school volleyball team as they strive to conquer the challenges on their path towards the national championships in this exhilarating sports anime.

    8. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

    Embark on an epic action-adventure journey with this long-standing anime series, renowned for its distinctive art style and eccentric characters.

    9. Naruto Shippuden.

    Continue the thrilling saga of Naruto, the ninja protagonist, as he matures and confronts new obstacles in this captivating sequel series.

    10. One Punch Man.

    Experience a refreshing take on the superhero genre with One Punch Man, where a hero named Saitama can effortlessly defeat any adversary with just a single punch.

    Source : Reddit and Youtube.