10 best bike chase scenes in movies.

best bike chase scenes

10 popular bike chase scenes from Hollywood movies – Wolverine, Venom, Mission Impossible, Matrix and more. Any spy or superhero movie seems incomplete without a bike chase scene and these movies took things to next level with some stunning, entertaining and amazingly choreographed bike chase sequences which were loved by cinephiles and bike lovers. X-Men … Read more

9 best movies about serial killers.

best movies about serial killers

Top 9 movies about serial killers (real life or fictional) – The Silence Of The Lambs, American Psycho and more. Audience has always been seemed interested in a movie or tv show about a serial killer. From creating a mystery – which audience engages to solve as well – to simply bringing horror on screen, … Read more

7 Indian movies with best VFX.

indian movies with best vfx

Top 7 Indian movies which wowed the audience with it’s stunning and fine VFX work – Baahubali, Ra. One and more. Indian movies has been adapting to new technology faster than we wished and even with budget constrains the Industry has produced some fine work of VFX. While many of these heavily VFX based film … Read more

7 celebrities in black latex outfits raising the heat.

hollywood celebrities in black latex

7 celebrities in black latex outfits who set temperature soaring – Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and more. 7 stunning female artist of Hollywood who wowed fans with their glamorous and sizzling avatar in black latex outfits for a stage performance, red carpet event or just a night out with friends. Dua Lipa. Training Season singer, … Read more

8 beautiful American TV actresses who are in their 50s.

american tv actresses over 50

American TV show actresses who are over 50 and continues to win fans with their beautiful looks – Gillian Anderson, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston and more. These stunning women of American TV shows are unstoppable whether it’s to take on new challenging roles on screen or continue to win fans with their stunning looks and … Read more

7 Indian movies about women taking revenge.

movies about women taking revenge

7 Movies about women taking revenge – Indian films where females take revenge and punish their culprits – Apoorva, NH10, Anjaam. While Bollywood has been a male dominating Industry with thousands of movies based on the tale of a man taking revenge from a man who did something wrong to his family or him, there … Read more

9 best Indian actors with Postal stamps.

indian actors with postal stamp

Top 9 Indian actors with postal stamps – an honor from Goverment of India for their contribution in arts and films. Having a postal stamp with your name or photo was and still is one of a prestigious accolades for artists in Indian film Industry. For many it was a bigger honor than many awards … Read more

7 best Bengali horror films you should watch.

bengali horror films

7 popular Bengali horror films that should be on your watch list – watch these horror, supernatural and thrilling stories unfold. Bengali cinema has always been praised and inspired many projects in other languages and commercial Bollywood as well. The regional cinema has also produced some great horror films which will haunt you for sure. … Read more

8 best Bollywood movies about female gangsters.

movies about female gangsters

Bollywood movies where women shined in the role of a gangster – powerful and fierce lady dons of Bollywood. Bollywood has been regarded as a male dominating Industry both on and off screen, yet audience has shown their love for women doing action and in control. Many actresses have shined playing the role of a … Read more

10 best Indian movies based on novels.

indian movies based on novels

10 popular Indian movies based on novels by famous writers – Maqbool, 3 Idiots, Lootera, Devdas and more. While Bollywood has been known for it’s commercial films with ‘happy ending’ there have been many movies which told some unique stories written by talented writers who had a different perspective and vision to see the world. … Read more