21 Hollywood actresses with red lips – best pics.

hollywood actresses with red lips celebrities

Popular Hollywood actresses with red lips winning fans – Celebrities who sported red lipstick and made a style statement. Hollywood actresses has been opting for minimalistic make-up look for their public appearances and red carpet looks with exception of many going for class rosy red lips which is sometimes hard to pull off given your … Read more

8 times Scarlett Johansson in red dress turned the heat up – see best stylish look.

scarlett johansson in red dress marvel actress 1

Scarlett Johansson in red dress is always a sight to behold – Marvel’s Black Widow actress never fails to win fans in a red outfit. Scarlett Johansson has been ranked among some of the most popular as well as most desired woman of Hollywood. While the actress did became a crush and fantasy of many … Read more

21 best stylish looks of Emma Roberts in black outfits.

emma roberts in black outfits scream queens actress

Emma Roberts in black outfits never fails to wow fans – see this Scream Queens and We’re The Millers actress’ stylish looks in black. Emma Roberts is a Hollywood actress known for her roles in Wild Child, Scream Queens, Little Italy and Nerve. The 33-year-old who has set screens on fire with her various steamy … Read more

15 best pics of Dua Lipa in black outfits.

dua lipa in black outfits stylish look

Dua Lipa in black outfits never fails to set temperature soaring – see these stunning stylish looks of this popular ‘New Rules’ singer. Dua Lipa has emerged as one of the most favorite and popular artist of past couple of years. Training Season singer has become an influential figure on social media as well as … Read more

7 best looks of Bella Thorne in off shoulder outfits which set temperature soaring.

bella thorne in off shoulder outfits time is up actress

Bella Thorne in off shoulder outfits raised the temperature to the maximum – see stylish and glamorous avatar of this actress from Time Is Up, Scream and Habit. Bella Thorne has been one of the most desired woman of Hollywood thanks to her sizzling pictures on social media and appearances in movies/TV which set screens … Read more

6 stylish looks of Ashley Graham in latex dresses – popular curvy plus size model.

ashley graham in latex dress curvy plus size model

Most popular plus size model Ashley Graham in latex dresses never fails to make fans crazy – see these photos. Ashley Graham, 36, has been one of the most beautiful, stylish and popular plus size model in the world who has been empowering women around the globe and making them feel confident about their natural … Read more

5 Interesting Jennifer Lawrence facts you should know.

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Here are 5 Jennifer Lawrence facts you probably didn’t know – Oscar winning actress from Hunger Games, Red Sparrow and Silver Linings Playbook. Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most popular and talented actresses of her generation in Hollywood who offers a wide range of acting chops from drama and comedy to sci-fi/superhero movies. The … Read more

10 popular Hollywood actresses with short hair.

hollywood actresses with short hair

10 best stylish Hollywood actresses with short hair – Demi Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron and more. Anne Hathawayr Charlize Theronr Demi Moorer Scarlett Johanssonr Winona Ryderr Miley Cyrusr Natalie Portmanr Jennifer Lawrencer 5 funniest videos of Jennifer Lawrence. Halle Berryr Mila Jovovich. Photos source : pinterest