Top 10 Indian web series of 2021 – Aarya 2, The Family Man 2, Aspirant and more.

Best and popular Indian web series of 2021 which gained much popularity and critical acclaim.  

best indian web series 2021
photo : AltBalaji, Hotstar, Amazon Prime

2021 was a good year for Indian web series as many
sequels of some popular earlier hits managed to continue win the audience with
it’s terrific performances and story telling. These are the series which were
much loved by critics and audiences – from Buvan Bam making his debut in web
series with Dhindora to Sushmita Sen continued being the Mafia Queen in Aarya
2, here are the top 10 Indian web series:

1. Aarya 2.

Sushmita Sen surprised fans and critics alike with her strong performance as a
Mafia Queen named Aarya who takes over after her husband’s death in order to
protect her children.

2. The Family Man 2.

Manoj Bajpai continued to win the audience while getting much critical acclaim
for his performance as Shrikant – a senior officer in TASC who is juggling
between his work and family drama.

3. Tabbar. 

Tabbar features Pawan Malhotra telling the story of a man who was a wrong
place at a wrong time and how it affects his family. 

4. Aspirant.

Aspirant, another fresh series from TVF after Kota Factory, touched the hearts
of many.

5. Gullak 2.

Gullak helped the viewers start the year 2021 with some great moments. The
series tells the story of a middle class family in the best way putting a
smile on viewers’ faces.

6. The Married Woman.

The married Woman featured Ridhi Dogra along with Monica Dogra who are
different in their personalities but seem to have a connection.

7. Dhindhora.

Dhindhora tells the story of Bhuvan Bam and his on screen family members
played by himself as they make an unexpected purchase.

8. Ray.

Ray is an anthology of stories by Satyajit Ray with some terrific performances
by Manoj Bajpai, Kay Kay Menon and more.

9. The Last Hour.

The Last House is one of India’s first super natural themed web series
starring Sanjay Kapoor with Karma Takapa.

10. Grahan.

Grahan tells the story of an female IPS officer who is on the edge to leave
her job and marry her boyfriend, but discovers some dark past about he
father’s involvement in 1984’s Sikh Riots, which makes her stay on her job to
reveal more secrets about her father.
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