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Charmsukh web series - All actresses real name and photos.

All beautiful actresses names and photos from Charmsukh web series from ULLU app.

charmsukh all actresses real names and photos - ullu app
Charmsukh web series all actresses names and photos | photo : ULLU app.
Charmsukh is a web series from ULLU app. The web series has different episodes like Highway, Mom and Daughter, Behrupiya and more with different stories. The series is creating much buzz on internet for it's content, scenes and new actresses appearing in the episodes. 

The series seems to be casting all the new talent and fans of the series are looking for actresses names appearing in the series. Here are the names of all the actresses appeared in Charmsukh.

Charmsukh - Episode 1 (Mom and Daughter).

Anya played by actress Ruby Bharaj. Her Instagram is @rubybharaj1.

anya charmsukh mom daughter actress ruby bharaj

Anya's mom played by actress Rajsi Verma. Her Instagram is @rajsiverm,

charmsukh anya mom actress rajsi verma ullu app

Charmsukh web series full cast.

Charmsukh - Episode 2 (Ek Khwab Suhagraat).

Archana played by actress Pallavi Mukherjee. Her Instagram is @pallavipallu1.

archana charmsukh actress Pallavi Mukherjee

Charmsukh - Episode 3 (Behrupiya).

Preeti played by actress Saumya Tiwari. Her Instagram is @saumyatiwari.official.

preeti charmsukh actress saumya tiwari ullu app

Kritika played by actress Nidhi Mahawan. Her Instagram is @nidhimahawan.

Kritika charmsukh actress nidhi mahawan ullu app

Charmsukh - Episode 4 (Karna Zaruri Hai).

Actress name is Kasturi Chhetri. Her Instagram is @kasturi_chhetri_.

charmsukh karna zaruri hai actress KASTURI CHHETRI

Charmsukh - Episode 4 (Highway).

Tanya played by actress Supriya Shukla.

charmsukh tanya highway actress supriya shukla

Charmsukh - Episode 8 (Sauda).

Actress Ira Soni played the character of Sumedha (right in the photo). Her instagram is @sone_space.

charmsukh sauda actress name full sumedha and apeksha

Charmsukh - Sautela Pyaar Episode.

Actress Rajsi Verma plays the role of mother Seema.
charmsukh sautela pyaar mother actress Rajsi verma full

Actres Swasti Kapur plays the role of daughter Ritu.

Charmsukh Sautela Pyaar daughter ritu actress Swasti Kapur

Charmsukh - Humse Na Ho Payega.

Actress Luviena Lodh played the role of wife Rashmi.

charmsukh tumse na ho payega wife actress real name

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