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All actresses from Guru Randhawa's music videos - real names and photos.

Names and photos of models/actresses in Guru Randhawa's Punjabi music videos - who is your favorite?

guru randhawa music video actresses names black high rated lahore
Guru Randhawa music video - actresses names | photo : youtube and instagram
Guru Randhawa is one of the most popular Punjabi singer of his generation. His videos, featuring some of the most stunning and beautiful actresses, has gained millions of views on YouTube. Randhawa's popularity and talent led him to create remakes of his song for Bollywood films as well as collaborating with Hollywood artist Pitbull.

I am sure many times when you are watching a Guru Randhawa's music video you also start to search for the name of the beautiful actress featured in the video. So here we have tried to make the full list of models who have appeared in his Punjabi music videos.

1. Krishna Mukherjee - actress in Black music video by Guru Randhawa.

krishna mukherjee actress black music video guru randhawa

2. Sonia K - actress in High Rated Gabru music video by Guru Randhawa.

Sonia K actress in High Rated music video Guru Randhawa

3. lzabelle Leite - actress in Lahore music video by Guru Randhawa.

izabelle leite actress in lahore music video guru randhawa

4. Delbar Arya - actress in Downtown music video by Guru Randhawa.

delbar arya actress downtown music video guru randhawa

5. Elnaaz Norouzi - actress in Made In India music video by Guru Randhawa.

Elnaaz Norouzi actress made in india music video guru randhawa

6. Kritika Sobti - actress in Suit Suit music video by Guru Randhawa and Arjun.

kritika sobti actress suit suit music video guru randhawa

7. Khushali Kumar - actress in Raat Kamaal music video by Guru Randhawa.

khushali Kumar actress raat kamaal guru randhawa

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