Saturday 27 March 2021

Why Hina Khan didn't get a nomination at Filmfare awards? Fans ask.

Hacked movie actress Hina Khan didn't even get a nomination at Filmfare awards - fans are not happy with Filmfare.

hina khan filmfare award no nomination
Hina Khan fans call out Filmfare for not even nominating their favorite actress for Hacked | photo : Hacked.

Hina Khan, a well known name in Indian TV, made much buzz with her first Bollywood film titled Hacked in 2020, but didn't even get any nomination at Filmfare awards and now fans aren't calling out Filmfare for not considering Hina Khan in Female Debut category. 

The actress played the lead role of a successful working woman who hunts down her young neighbor who takes a revenge by hacking her life. The film was a big hit among fans and was ranked among one of the most watched films of the year on ZEE5. 

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Filmfare had been around since 1950s but lately they seem to loose the credibility and netizens have been raising voice after Filmfare gave out awards to non-deserving nominee and not even nominating various deserving films and artists.

Hacked can be called a commercial hit since it was one of the most viewed films on ZEE5, the film was directed by a leading Bollywood director  -Vikram Bhatt with a new concept and was called as the first Indian film to be made on the topic of Hacking and invading online privacy of someone, yet it failed to earn a nomination at Filmfare.

In 2020, Hina Khan appeared in Hacked movie, Damaged 2 web series and Smartphone short film on Ullu App.

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