5 best actors from TVF and TSP (YouTube) – who is your favorite?

Here are 5 best actors from TVF and TSP YouTube channel’s web series – From Jeetu to Raja Rabish Kumar.

Best actors from TVF and TSP - YouTube Web series
Best actors from TVF and TSP – YouTube Web series | photo : TVF and twitter
YouTube web series are getting more popular thanks to their original content and new concept. However a huge thanks goes to these talented actors who appear in these web series. Some Youtube actors like Sumeet Vyas and Jeetendra Kumar (Jeetu) even made it to Bollywood as well. TVF and TSP surely has some of the best actors of YouTube.
There is no action sequences, no mind blowing dance numbers, no designer clothes, it’s just pure and sheer talent of acting that these artists have show in past few years.
TVF and TSP are one of the best YouTube channels in Indian creating some amazing content including comedy sketches and full featured web series like Permanent Roommates, The Tripling and The Pitchers to name a few.
Here are our top 5 picks for best actors from TVF and TSP YouTube channel.

Jitendra Kumar.

TVF TSP web series best actor Jeetu Jitendra Kumar
Jeetu from TVF Bachelors and Tech Conversation with Dad | photo : TVF.

Who knew a civil engineer would become the superstar of Indian Youtube. Jitendra, who is popularly known as Jeetu, has done a number of role in TVF and TSP videos. His sketches of Tech Conversation With Dad and role in Pitchers became one of the most well known faces on Youtube.

Sumeet Vyas.

TVF TSP web series best actor - sumeet vyas from permanent roommates
Sumeet Vyas from Permanent Roommates | photo : TVF
When you think about Indian Youtube webseries, two words comes to your mind – Permanent Roommates. Its is one of the most popular web series in India. Sumeet brought the character of Mikesh to life. After that he even got to work in Bollywood films like Parched and veere Di Wedding.

Shivankit Parihar.

TVF TSP web series best actor  Shivankit Parihar - rabish ki report
Shivankit Parihar in Rabish Ki Report | photo : TSP
Shivankit Parihar is another popular and talented actor of TVF and TSP. His character Rabish has become quite popular. He started his career as a writer and then moved to acting.

Nidhi Singh.

nidhi singh actress from permanent roommates
Nidhi Singh from Permanent Roommates | photo : TVF
Nidhi Singh rose to fame when she appeared in India’s best Youtube series, Permanent Roommates. The chemistry between Nidhi and Sumeet Vyas was one of the reasons that the series turned out to be so great. Nidhi completely owned the character of Tanya Nagpal.

Badri Chavan

TVF TSP web series best actor Badri
Badri from TVF and TSP | photo : TVF
Badri Chavan is one of the most loved and talented actors of YouTube. He also appeared in Bollywood film Stree. You would find him in most of the videos of TVF and TSP. He is also a writer.

Special mention : Akansha Thakur.

TVF TSP web series best beautiful actoress jeetu's wife akansha thakur
Akansha Thakur as Jeetu’s wife in TVF Pitchers | photo : TVF
Akansha Thakur played wife of Jeetu in the series Pitchers. She has done a few other comedy sketches as well.