5 best French horror films you should watch.

Here are 5 best French horror films which should be on your watch list – just try not to watch them alone.

French movies are known for being praised all over the world by the audience and other filmmakers. While French cinema has been heavily influenced by French Revolution with hundreds of titles in that category, it has given some popular romantic, comedy and horror films as well.

Here we have picked 5 of the popular French horror films which you should check out:

1. Martyrs (2008).

Directed by Pascal Laugier, Martyrs is a brutal and thought-provoking horror film that explores themes of trauma, suffering, and transcendence. It follows the story of a young woman who seeks revenge on the people who tortured her as a child. Martyrs has been one of the favorite French horror films of cinema lovers.

2. Inside (À l’intérieur) (2007).

Directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, Inside is a visceral and intense home invasion horror film. It follows a pregnant woman who finds herself under siege by a mysterious woman intent on taking her unborn child.

3. High Tension (Haute Tension) (2003).

Directed by Alexandre Aja, High Tension is a suspenseful and gory slasher film that follows two friends who become the targets of a psychotic killer while staying at a remote farmhouse.

4. Raw (Grave) (2016).

Directed by Julia Ducournau, Raw is a coming-of-age horror film with a twist of cannibalism. It follows a young vegetarian who develops a taste for flesh after undergoing a series of hazing rituals at veterinary school.

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5. “Eyes Without a Face” (Les Yeux sans Visage) (1960).

Directed by Georges Franju, “Eyes Without a Face” is a classic of French horror cinema. This atmospheric and haunting film tells the story of a brilliant surgeon who is driven to desperate measures to restore his daughter’s disfigured face after a car accident, leading to a series of gruesome experiments.