5 best Polish movies you should watch.

Here are 5 best Polish movies which should be on your watch list if you are a world cinema lover – Ashes and Diamons, Ida and more.

Polish cinema has been inspiring many aspiring filmmakers as well as legendary directors like Martin Scorsese talking about it making it reach to the new generation. From stories about aftermath of world war 2 to capturing the romance between a man and a woman, these films have been much loved by audience and critics around the world.

Here we have picked 5 best Polish movies that you must watch.

1. Ashes and Diamonds (1958).

Ashes and Diamonds is a timeless masterpiece directed by Andrzej Wajda. This captivating film takes place in the aftermath of World War II, where a young resistance fighter finds himself torn between difficult moral choices amidst the political changes in Poland.

2. Knife in the Water (1962).

Knife in the Water, helmed by Roman Polanski, is a gripping psychological thriller that delves into a tense power struggle. The story revolves around a married couple and a young hitchhiker they invite onto their yacht for a sailing trip, creating an atmosphere filled with suspense and intrigue.

3. The Decalogue (1988).

The Decalogue, directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski, is a unique series of ten one-hour films. Each film loosely explores one of the Ten Commandments, delving into moral and ethical issues within contemporary Polish society. This thought-provoking series offers a deep insight into the complexities of human nature.

4. Ida (2013).

Ida, a critically acclaimed film by Paweł Pawlikowski, transports us to the 1960s. The story revolves around Anna, a young woman on the verge of taking her vows as a nun. However, she uncovers a dark family secret from the time of Nazi occupation, leading her on a journey of self-discovery and reflection.

5. Cold War (2018).

Cold War, also directed by Paweł Pawlikowski and starring Joanna Kulig, is a mesmerizing love story set against the backdrop of the Cold War era in Poland. This hauntingly beautiful film follows the passionate romance between a musician and a singer, whose love is tested by the political climate and their own personal struggles.

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