5 Funniest moments (videos) of Jennifer Lawrence.

Here are 5 funniest moments of Oscar winning actress Jennifer lawrence – the times when Jennifer Lawrences made you laugh out loud.

Jennifer Lawrence funniest moments
Jennifer Lawrence funniest moments | photo : youtube/bbcamerica

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most talented actress of her generation. The 28-year-old actress, who rose to fame for playing Mystique (Raven) in X-men movie franchise has showed her acting skills in Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. The actress has won Academy award, BAFTA and Golden Globe awards as well.

Jennifer is also one of the most down to earth and funny celebrity. Her stories and experiences would make you laugh and sometimes its hard to choose what is more fun to watch; her movies or her interviews.
Jennifer will be seen next in 2019’s upcoming film Dark Phoenix, where she would be seen again playing the popular mutant Mystique.
Here are some of funniest moments of Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence’s message to Donald Trump.

In the talk show of Graham Norton, Jennifer didn’t hold back on talking about the incident when she was looking for Donal Trump at a concert just to deliver a short message.

Jennifer Lawrence meeting Jack Nicholson.

The moment when Jennifer meets legendary Jack Nicholson is one of the funniest moments. After winning her first Oscar, Jennifer was being interviewed when Nicholson walks up to her interrupting the interview to congratulate this young actress. Jennifer’s reaction and the whole moment between the two is just too adorable and funny.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Prat insult each other.

BBC Radio’s show Playground Insult is a show where two celebrities try to insult each other in most funny way. Chris Pratt and and Jennifer do get along very well so this game/show was perfect to them and they did make everyone lough by saying some of the funniest insults.

Jennifer Lawrence goes to meet the cast of Star Wars.

Another funny incident is when Jennifer decided to go and say hello to the cast and crew of Star Wars at an event. For the first time, Jennifer assumed that they would recognize her but things turned out not so good for Jennifer and funny for us.

When Jennifer gets drunk.

There are many stories of Jennifer getting drunk – she jumping into shark water, swallowing worms but the funniest of them is when she tried to not look drunk, watch the video below.