5 interesting facts about Lana of WWE (C J Perry).

Here are 5 interesting facts about multi-talented Lana aka C J Perry, one of the most beautiful WWE diva.

lana wwe c j perry interesting facts
5 things you probably didn’t know about WWE diva Lana aka C J Perry | photo : instagram/thelanawwe

One of the most stunning and beautiful female professional wrestlers, Lana, is a multi-talented woman. Lana, whose real name is Catherine Joy Perry, has done it all – acting, modeling, wrestling and singing. Lana got married to WWE wrestler Rusev in 2016. Here are some rare and interesting facts about this gorgeous diva of wrestling.

Rusev is Bulgarian so him and Lana had two weddings, one in Malibu CA and the other one in Bulgaria (Plovdiv) so Rusev’s family could attend and cherish this beautiful woman. Lana and Rusev fell in love with other when Lana served as his manager.

2 ) Lana actually comes from Russia.

 interesting facts about Lana from WWE.
interesting facts about Lana from WWE.  | photo : instagram/thelanawwe

Lana who portrays a Russian character in WWE has actually lived in Russia for a while. She was born in Florida and then moved to Latvian SSR. Lana can fluently speak russian.

3 ) Lana is a trained professional dancer.

 interesting fact : Lana of WWE is a dancer.
interesting fact : Lana of WWE is a dancer.  | photo : instagram/thelanawwe

Lana is a professional dancer like her mother. She aspired to be a dancer from an early age and got enrolled in Riga Choreography School in Latvia. She returned to New York at the age of 17 and danced at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Ballet Hispanico, Broadway Dance Center, and the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance.

4 ) Lana’s acting career.

 Lana of WWE promoting her film Interrogation.
Lana of WWE promoting her film Interrogation.  | photo : instagram/thelanawwe

Lana has got some acting skills which helped her feature in 10 films and 8 TV shows such as Pitch Perfect, American Hustle and Banshee.

5 ) Lana’s singing career.

Lana was in a girl group which was signed by R&B singer Ne-Yo. The group recorded 3 songs and one was released titled would you like that. Lana has also performed as a backup dancer for Akon, Usher and Nelly.