5 unknown facts about Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Did you know Honey Singh is married? Here are 5 unknown facts about India’s best and most popular rapper, Honey Singh.

Best rapper Honey Singh interesting facts
Honey Singh in Makhna music video | photo : youtube.
Honey Singh is one of the most popular names in Indian pop culture. He have given many big Punjabi hit numbers as well as chartbusting Bollywood songs. Honey Singh started his career as a session recording artist and then became a music producer. With number of hits like Party all night, Lungi Dane, Angreji Beat and Makhna, Honey Singh has gained popularity across India and abroad.
Here are 5 interesting facts about Honey Singh:

5 ) Honey Singh is married.

Honey Singh's wife Shalini Talwar Singh
Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Talwar Singh | photo : google.

Many of you don’t know but Honey Singh is actually married. His wife’s name is Shalini Talwar Singh. He introduced his wife to audience on the show India’s Raw Star.

4 ) Honey Singh’s real name.

Honey Singh interesting facts.
Honey Singh’s real name is Hridesh Singh. He was born in Punjab and moved to UK to study music. He came back to Delhi after finishing his studies and start his career.

3 ) Honey Singh’s first song.

Honey Singh's first song
Honey Singh’s first song Glassy | photo : youtube.
Honey Singh’s first popular song was Glassy by Ashok Masti in which he rapped. He also won award for the song which brought him into lime light.

2 ) Honey Singh most expensive music artist in Bollywood.

Honey Singh interesting facts best rapper
Honey Singh in Makhna | photo : youtube.
Honey Singh’s popularity and talent also made him one of the most expensive music artist in Bollywood. According to reports, he charged 70 lakh rupees for one song in Mastan. 

1 ) He did not take money for Lungi Dance.

Honey Singh most popular song
Honey Singh’s Lungi Dance, most popular song | photo : youtube.
While he is one of the most expensive music composer/artist in Bollywood, media reports also say that he didn’t charge anything for the song Lungi Dance in Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express. He collaborated with Akshay Kumar as well for the song Party All Night and his song Angrezi Beat also  made it into the film Cocktai.