Adnan Sami’s new song Tu Yaad Aya gives us hope when Bollywood music is loosing it’s quality.

Adnan Sami, the legendary artist, brings us a good original song in this time of remakes – Tu Yaad Aya features actress Adah  Sharma.

tu yaad aya adana sami adah sharma
Adnan Sami – Tu Yaad Aya song featuring actress Adah Sharma | photo : youtube

Adnan Sami’s new song Tu Yaad Aya is being appreciated by many music lovers as it breaks the trend of shitty remakes in Bollywood. Sung by Adnan Sami and composed & written by Kunaal Vermaa, the music videos features Commando 3 actress, Adah Sharma with a sad love story.

While Adnan’s voice is enough to make this song stand out, he brings back his signature piano bits in the song as well which takes the song to another level.
Shot beautifully with no unnecessary bad video editing techniques, Adnan takes us back to the era of good music. While the song does sound a little bit of Adnan’s previous hits, it still sounds fresh.

While music lovers were hating t-series for making the remakes of old hits, they are also praising the music giant for bringing Adnan Sami back.