7 annoying characters from Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah tv show.

7 characters from TMKOC which have become annoying or has very little to add to the show lately – see now. Anjali, Gogi, Popatlal.

tarak mehta show annoying characters
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Here are 7 characters from one of the longest running and popular TV series Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltach Chashmah who have become annoying.

Anjali Mehta.

Tarak Mehta’s wife Anjali Mehta seemed to have only one thing to do in the show, have her husband eat diet food. There wasn’t much storyline about her in the show and the character was found annoying by majority.
Anjali Mehta tarak mehta show annoying characters


Asit Modi.

Asit Modi’s brief and cameo appearances in the show seems to be unbearable annoying by many as discussed on various social media pages.
Asit Modi tarak mehta show annoying characters



Daya was introduced as a dumb and innocent housewife who has love for Garba, but over the time the character has become annoying as despite being shown dumb she has been portrayed as a superwoman. After years of telling by husband you would think she would stop calling him from the balcony, but writers of the show don’t want to develop the character it seems.
Daya tarak mehta show annoying characters



Member of so called ‘Tapu sena’ who are shown as the avengers of Gokuldham is another character who has been tagged as annoying.
Gogi tarak mehta show annoying characters



Popatlal, a journalist, was looking for a woman to marry when the character was introduced, but the makers of the show has stretched it way too long and it has become annoying along with the character always associating everything with his marriage.
Popatlal tarak mehta show annoying characters



Female Roshan of Roshan duos in the society is another annoying character of the show who seems to have nothing much to add to the show.
Roshan tarak mehta show annoying characters



Sony earlier played by Nidhi Bhanushali was a good character, but lately it has become annoying and the replacement by Palak Siddhwani only made it worse as fans wished Nidhi to continue playing the role of good daughter.
Sonu tarak mehta show annoying characters
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