Anushka Sharma breaks her silence on false news stories about her.

Anushka Sharma has finally decided to break her silence to end all the false stories about her involvement in Indian cricket.

anushka sharma breaks silence on false news and stories
Anushka Sharma hit back on Farokh Engineer’s statement and called it false story | photo : instagram

Anushka Sharma finally speaks up about all the false stories circulating on news media tabloids and social media and people blaming and trolling her for her appearance with husband Virat Kohli at cricket matches.

The 31-year-old Bollywood actress has been a target of many to put a blame on every time something goes wrong in Indian cricket ever since she started dating the Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. After their wedding the actress has been seen accompanying her better half on a few cricket match tours.

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“We have got a Mickey Mouse selection committee… how are the selectors qualified? Between them, have they played about 10-12 Test matches. I didn’t even know one of the selectors during the World Cup and I asked him ‘who the hell he was’, because he was wearing the India blazer and he said he was one of the selectors. All they were doing was getting Anushka Sharma (Kohli’s wife) cups of tea. I feel people with the stature of Deilip Vengsarkar should be in the selection committee,” Farokh Engineer, a former Indian wicketkeeper, made a statement lashing out at the current set of selectors on the board and using Anushka’s name, which led the actress to finally break her silence.
The actress shared a long letter on social media, hitting back everyone who has made false reports against her. The actress revealed in her letter how people made stories with no facts. She also clarified a few things as well, including her being in the group photo of the Indian cricket team. 
“… and for the record, I drink coffee,” Anushka said ending the letter referring to the story of selectors serving her tea.