9 best Indian superheroes from tv, films and comics.

Here are 9 best Indian superheroes some of whom became popular and iconic.


shaktimaan best indian superhero

A popular franchise that aired from 1997 to 2005, featuring a superhero with powers derived from deep meditation and the activation of chakras. The chracter is the most popular Indian superhero and was playing by Mukesh Khanna. The news about Shaktiman’s relaunch in a series or a movie often makes a buzz.

Captain Vyom.

A space-themed superhero from a 1998–1999 TV series. One of India’s most handsome actor/model Milind Soman played the character on screen.


A superhero developed by Sekhan Subramanium, with super strength and the ability to shoot blasts of energy from his hands. G-One is a game character who comes to life to fight the evil Ra-One. The superhero was played by Shah Rukh Khan and it is regardes as the film with best VFX till date.


A superhero played by Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, whose abilities were transferred to him from his father who himself adapted the superpowers from an alien. It is the most successful superhero film franchise in India.


A character initially meant for the destruction of humanity, but who later fights for good. The popular Indian superhero comic book was set to make it’s TV debut in live action series but was cancelled after shooting of three episodes as the makers were not happy with the pool vfx.


Junior G is a Hindi TV series about a 12-year-old boy named Gaurav who is blessed with divine magical powers and chosen by God to fight evil. Actor Amitesh Kochhar played this superhero character.

Flying Jatt.

A man trying to save a sacred tree from bad guys gets injured but wakes up with superpowers and decides to fight the antagonists in the movie – A Flying Jatt. India’s action star, Tiger Shroff, plays the superhero character.


Baalveer is an Indian TV series featuring a superhero kid who has been given powers of seven fairies to defet the evil powers on earth. Dev Joshi played the superhero kid.


Chiiti is a robot superhero from Robot movie franchise. The character is played brilliantly by legendary Rajnikanth. A cross over of two superheroes – Chitti and G-one, was also shown in Ra-one movie.