Coronavirus – Funniest memes, Can you stop your laughter?

These funny memes on Coronavirus are trending on social media making everyone laugh but also raising many questions about how irresponsible some people are.

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Coronavirus funny memes – joker, Bollywood and indian | photo : instagram

Coronavirus is not a joke. It’s a very serious situation going on which claimed thousands of lives all over the world. While many countries have ordered self isolation, quarantine and curfews making us realize how bad the situation is, many have found a way to make people laugh with some of the funniest memes on this deadly virus situation.

Some of these memes are very hard hitting as well, questioning the responsibility of many citizens who are treating Coronavirus as some kind of festival. 
There are memes about quarantine, Indian PM Narendra Modi addressing the citizens and the latest #5baje5minute moment when Indian came out in their balcony making annoying noises with steel plates to appreciate the work of doctors. Ironically, Doctors like it quiet in the hospitals though.
The situation got worse when people came on streets with their thaalis to make noise for the doctors, while the first thing everyone needed to follow was social distancing. 
Check out these hilarious memes.
When even the greatest villain of the movie, Joker, is using sanitizer.

When the situation got reversed.

Even Batman knows he has to stay home to save the world.

When Tom and Jerry followed #5Baje5Minute appeal of Indian Prime Minister.

When Coronavirus inspired this hilarious EDM style video.

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When Janta Curfew feels like the time after Thanos snap in End Game.

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When you get a little too excited.

When you try to find logic and science.

When you take an appeal too seriously.

The harsh truth.

Corona waiting for some idiots.

The harsh truth… again.

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NOTE : These memes may make you laugh… but the situation is not a joke. Be Safe and Listen to the orders of your government.