Emily Blunt transformation as an actress in 10 best pics.

Oppenheimer actress Emily Blunt transformation as an actress from first TV show appearance in 2003 to 2024.

Emily Blunt is one of the most popular British actresses in the world. The 41-year-old holds several awards like Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild along with nominations for Oscar and BAFTA awards as well. She recently won much praises and global popularity with Christopher Nolan‘s Oppenheimer.

Here are 10 photos showing Emily Blunt’s transformation as an actress over past two decades..

Emily Blunt In Boudica – 2003.

emily blunt boudica 2003

Emily Blunt In My Summer Of Love – 2004.

emily blunt my summer of love 2004

Emily Blunt In The Devil Wears Parada – 20006.

emily blunt the devil wears parada 20006

Emily Blunt In The Young Victoria – 2009.

emily blunt the young victoria 2009

Emily Blunt In The Five Year Engagement – 2012.

emily blunt the five year engagement 2012

Emily Blunt In Sicario – 2015.

emily blunt sicario 2015

Emily Blunt In The Girl On The Train – 2016.

emily blunt the girl on the train 2016

Emily Blunt In Mary Poppins Returns – 2018.

emily blunt mary poppins returns 2018

Emily Blunt In Jungle Cruise – 2021.

emily blunt jungle cruise 2021

Emily Blunt In Oppenheimer – 2023.

emily blunt oppenheimer 2023

Photos source : Pinterest and YouTube.