How top Indian music channels on YouTube upload videos.

Indian music channels are smart and knows how to get most out of one song on YouTube – here is how a top music channel uploads a music video.

Best Tips and Tricks to get most views and subscribers on YouTube.
Best Tips and Tricks to get most views and subscribers on YouTube.
Indian music channels are growing really fast, thanks to more access to internet and the great smart strategy and tricks these channels use for most new songs. Indian music videos are becoming some of the most viewed songs in the word, some even getting closer to reach 1 billion views mark.
There was a time when the songs of a film or a single would be out with just some promotional posts on social media. However things have changed drastically. The process of uploading one song of a film has become lengthy and more strategic to get most out of the online audiences.
Here is how a top music channel uploads a music video and what tricks they use to get more views.
1 ) Teaser.
Teaser is not just linked with films anymore, even a 3 minute music video needs a teaser today to create some buzz and get people excited for the song.
2 ) Half song.
After the teaser, the music video comes out which is about two and half minute long… that means it’s not full song. However, it is still the video that gets most views in this chain of videos for one song.
3 ) Full Audio song.
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After the music video starts trending on YouTube, the channel releases a full audio song that is about 3-5 minutes long.
4 ) Full music video.
After a month or so, full music video comes out which is unedited and in some cases it sounds even better, the tempo seems more natural as well.
5 ) Lyrical.
When the song became a big hit then the channel releases lyrical video which is basically edited music video with lyrics on screen.
6 ) Full Juke Box.
Once all the songs are released, the channel releases a lengthy video which a compilation of all songs in audio version.
That’s how the chain works for most of the new music videos from big films.

What tricks top YouTube channels use to get more views?

1 ) Thumbnail.
Even the top music channels with big stars sometimes uses thumbnails that gets more attention of the viewers. If there is some bold scene in the song or some actress, model, dancer looking best in some frame, the channel tries to use that as the thumbnail.
2 ) Writing views count on Thumbnail.
Once a song becomes a hit and crosses 100 million views, the channel changes the thumbnail with total view count in the thumbnail.
3 ) Tricky advertising of view count.
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This has been done by many channels for many music videos. They count all the views from all the videos of one song (including audio, lyrical video etc.) and then write it on the thumbnail to get most attention and tricking viewers that the song has been watched so many times. They do mention ‘across youtube’ in there too… but hard to notice small letters. 
Uploading music videos in chain also helps get more subscribers because the viewers wants to get notify when the full song, lyrical song, or full juke box comes out.

Using social media for promotion also helps if you have good fan following.