Jara Brishtite Bhijechilo – full movie feat. Indrani Halder, Roopa Gangulu and Anjana Basu.

Watch Indrani Halder’s award winning intense performance in Bengali film titled Jara Brishtite Bhijechilo – Indian film about domestic abuse.

Jara Bristite Bhijechhilo full movie indrani Halder
photo : youtube

Jara Brishtite Bhijechio is an Bengali film released in 2007. It stars fine actress Indrani Halder in the lead role along with Sudip Mukherjee. The critically acclaimed movie deals with the story of a woman (played by Indrani Halder) who decided to walk out of her marriage after being subjected to repeated domestic abuse. The inense performance of Indrani earned her a best actress award at the Madrid International Film Festival (Spain).

Jara Bristite Bhijechhilo cast:

  • Indrani Halder. 
  • Roopa Ganguly. 
  • Sudip Mukherjee. 
  • Alokananda Roy. 
  • Joy Sengupta. 
  • Anjana Basu.

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