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Muskaan Agarwal photoshoot | photo : instagram/musku_agarwal


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Muskaan Agarwal is an Indian model and actress who has appeared several web
series of Ullu app. The actress first gained popularity for her role as a
daughter in
Palang Tod
series episode Bekaaboo Dil. Her second appearance in the web series
with another popular actress of Ullu app, Jinnie Jaaz, was much loved as well.
Recently the actress made an appearance as a housewife in Charmsukh web series
episode Live Streaming.
Muskaan Agarwal is also known for her various photoshoot which have been
making fans crazy. Blessed with fine curves, the actress isn’t shy to flaunt
what she got and set internet on fire. The actress has quickly earned a spot
in some of the most favorite actresses of Ullu app among viewers.

Muskaan Agarwal webseries:

  • Palang Tod – Bekaaboo Dil.
  • Charmsukh – Aate Ki Chakki.
  • Charmsukh – Live Streaming.
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