Namacool actress, Anushka Kaushik, drops smiling pics in high slit dress.

Anushka Kaushik raised the heat in high slit dress while winning fans with her pretty smile – see latest pics of Namacool and Lust Stories 2 actress.

Anushka Kaushik, who is currently winning fans with her role as Minty in Amazon Mini TV’s Namacool web series, dropped some new photos on her Instagram. “Mumma wanted me to post smiling pictures” the actress captioned her pics featuring her beautiful smile.

The actress also raised the temperature as she opted to wear a thigh high slit silver dress and showed off her toned legs.

Kaushik gained popularity with her role in Lust Stories 2 followed by Patna Shukla and has emerged a talented young actress of her generation.

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