Nora Fatehi casting couch and co-stars misbehaving?

‘Nora Fatehi casting couch’ term is trending after her recent podcast – but the actress has also spoke before about people misbehaving with her.

Bollywood casting couch has always been a topic that many actresses have addressed and it’s a dark truth about the Industry where some people do misuse their power. Bollywood dancer Nora Fatehi also faced it in the beginning of her career and Manike dancer revealed it in her recent podcast interview.

The actress talked about how someone did put her in a position and told her that she would have to return the favor if she needed the job. While the actress felt helpless at first, it was her smart mind and instinct that she snapped back at the person telling him that she doesn’t need the job so bad where she has to compromise.

While many netizens did call the dancer of telling a fake story, the 32-year-old definitely gave some great advice to newcomers to not surrender and be a victim but hit back. The actress also created much controversy over her comments about Feminism.

Watch Nora Fatehi casting couch podcast video.

Nora Fatehi has spoked about casting couch and people misbehaving with her before as well. In one of her appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show, the actress talked about how a co-star of her from The Roar movie, misbehaved with her and she slapped him but the actor hit her back and had an ugly fight.

Nora Fatehi’s first audition video.

Nora began her career in Bollywood by doing commercials and appear in reality TV show Bigg Boss. She also did a few item songs in South Indian films before Dilbar Dilbar became a global hit and she emerged as a new sensation of Bollywood.

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