7 Interesting Oscar awards facts.

7 Oscar awards facts you should know – First Oscars, eligibility, most wins, trophy, most nominations and more.

First Oscar awards.

The prestigious Academy Awards also known as Oscars were first introduced and given out in 1929. Since then the awards have evolved with their rules and categories along with many question it’s credibility as well.

How Many Categories in Oscars?

Oscar awards are given out in 24 categories including best picture, actor, actress, directing, screenplay, cinematography, background scrore, and more. There are other awards for scientific and technical category as well as honorary awards.

Eligibility for Oscars.

Every year we hear about different countries and people trying to submit their film for Oscars. The eligibility to quality for Oscar nomination is that a film must be publicly exhibited for at least one week in Los Angeles county with exceptions for foreign-language films and documentaries. It’s an Oscar awards facts you must know if you are a filmmaker as well.

Who has most Oscar nominations?

The Shining actor, Jack Nicholson, holds the record for the most Oscar nominations for a male actor with twelve nominations. He has won three times.

About Oscar trophy.

kate winslet oscar win

Another Oscar awards facts you should known is that winners do not automatically own their statues (trophy); they must sign an agreement with the Academy regarding ownership.

Oscar speech.

After winning such a prestigious and big award for your work, you would feel like thanking everyone involved with your work and life, however, in 2002 a new rule was introduced where the winners have to keep their speech short and deliver it in 45 seconds, that’s why you see those winners sometimes taking names really fast or sometimes they use this big platform to deliver a message to the world like Leonardo DiCaprio did for Global Warming when he won after multiple nominations.

Who has won most Oscar awards.

most oscar winner walt disney

Most Oscar winner is American animator and film producer Walt Disney, who holds the record for nominations and awards as an individual with a total of 59 nominations and 22 wins.

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