Shadow – Best stand up comedy of 2019 by Daniel Fernandes.

Daniel Fernandes brings Shadows – the best and a complete stand up comedy of 2019.

daniel fernandes shadows best stand up comedy in india
Daniel Fernandes performing Shadows – comedy special | photo : youtube

Daniel Fernandes, the Indian sand up comedian, brings you the best and a complete stand up comedy show. Released on Oct. 31st on YouTube and titled Shadows, in the show Daniel talked about the past 8 years of his life. How he was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, his break up and how he achieved success in his life and decided not to follow the general rule of the world and society.

Not spoiling anything for you, I am not going to write about what he said more in his comedy special, but it really seemed special. I have been watching stand up for a couple of years now and I think I have watched almost every possible new and old stand up comedians out there on YouTube.
I have not watched many videos of Daniel before but the name sounded familiar when his latest video ‘Shadow’ popped up on my YouTube page, and I clicked on it. I didn’t even noticed that it is not a 10 minute excerpt from a show but the whole show until I realized that it’s too long for a stand up comedy video on YouTube.
I used the phrase ‘a complete stand up comedy’ because I felt that’s what Daniel Fernades’ Shadow was. I like to watch stand up comedy video not to just laugh but see one’s opinion on real issues. I guess that’s why I like the comedy of Varun Grover and Sanjay Rajoura as well.
Along with spreading laughter in the audience, Daniel hit back on some of the issues in our society (which is his style of comedy) and he combined his comedy with a motivational speech as well. However, he didn’t made it look like motivational because every time I felt it is getting emotional, BAM! he dropped a punchline and made me laugh.
Today, it is very rare to see someone do clean comedy and by clean I mean not using abusive words as a punchline… every single time. Daniel seems to bring an almost clean comedy show that will make you laugh and then question some of the things in your life.
Also while Daniel could have sold this more than an hour long Comedy special to Netflix or Amazon Prime, he brought to you for free on Youtube, but if you feel it is worth something, you have the option to pay for it as well, so feel free to show your support to this amazing Indian stand up comedian.

This post is not a review or news about some stand up video on YouTube. Daily some artist is sharing a stand up video on YouTube, but I just felt to write about it spread the word since Daniel was generous enough to let this stand up be free and it deserves to have a shout-out.