Shah Rukh Khan deserved National Film award for these 5 films.

5 best films of Shah Rukh Khan where the actor impressed with his acting skills and deserved a National FIlm award.

shah rukh khan deserved national film award
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Here are 5 films of Pathan and Jawan actor, Shah Rukh Khan, where she truly shined as an actor and deserved more recognition.


Chak De.

Chak De marks as one of the first few sports based films which inspired movies like Sultan, Dangal, Bhag Milkha Bhaag and more. However, Chak De didn’t features any love angle, big glamorous heroine or a too many songs, SRK carried the film along with a stellar new female cast, Here he shined as an actor and deserved more praise.
chak de shah rukh khan best film



There have been many versions of Devdas made in Bollywood as well as regional films, However Shah Rukh Khan playing the title role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s direction tops them all. The film was ranked in top 10 films of of Millenium and SRK impressed fans with his acting skills in each frame.
devdas shah rukh khan best film


My Name Is Khan.

My Name is Khan is another film where Shah Rukh Khan pushed himself as an actor and won praises. Amid several controversies, the film was a big hit overseas while Indian audience failed to understand and praise it.
my name is khan shah rukh khan best film



Swades comes as the best performance of Shah Rukh Khan. Playing the role of Mohan in the film, the actor made you forget all the Rahul and Raaj he has played over the years. This Ashutosh Gowarikar film seemed perfect for the actor to grab his first National Film Award, however Saif Ali Khan got it for Hum Tum.
swades shah rukh khan best film


Veer Zara.

Veer Zara was released the same year Swades did, and if Saif Ali Khan could win National Film Award for Hum Tum, then Veer Zara seemed to be a strong contended as well as the winner too. The film was a big hit and earned a spot in the list of best films of Shah Rukh Khan you should watch.
veer zara shah rukh khan best film
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