SRK trolled for not donating to Coronavirus relief fund, yet. #StopNegativityAgainstSRK trends on twitter as fans defend their star.

Shah Rukh Khan fans trend #StopNegativityAgainstSRK after he was questioned on twitter for not donating to Coronavirus relief funds, yet.

Shah Rukh Khan charity work
Shah Rukh Khan’s charity work trends on twitter | photo : pinterest

Shah Rukh Khan is being questioned for not coming forward to help with Coronavirus relied funds yet. After many South superstars like Prabhas and Mahesh Babu along with Indian cricketers like Suresh Raina made donations to Covid-19 relief funds to help the poor and medical staff, twitterati started question why all three Khans of Bollywood hasn’t made any doantions.

First some fans replied why everyone is targetting only Khans as Kumar, Kapoors and Chopras also hasn’t made any doantion. After Akshay Kumar announced 25 crores donation to Coronavirus relief fund, netizens are now targetting Khans and the fans of SRK has come forward to defend their star by trending #StopNegativityAgainstSRK.
Many fans of Shah Rukh Khan started defending the Shah Rukh Khan, who was once named 2nd richest actor in the world, talking about his previous charity work as well as how he doesn’t like to announce his good deeds and charity like other stars.
SRK himself in many of his interview has said that he doesn’t like to talk about his charity work and his team makes sure that no news about his charity work leaks.

I like to do charity without publicity. If you believe in a cause, you should do it silently. #StopNegativityAgainstSRK

— Neel Joshi (@iEmN3El) March 29, 2020

The actor has received recognition and awards from many international foundations, forums and universities for his charitable work over the years. He was also awarded by UNESCO for his charitable work, making him the first Indian to receive the honor.
So Without Doing Any Charity @iamsrk Has..

UNESCO, CRYSTAL , WEBIT and Many More Awards !


— 𝙍𝙖𝙯𝙞𝙦𝙪𝙚🌠 (@IamRazique5) March 29, 2020

SRK made a number of donations and is the founded of Meer foundation which helps women who are victims of  acid attack as well.

Meer Foundation which is run by Shah Rukh Khan, has officees in every state of India I repeat in every state and It help all acid attack victims..
If U don’t like him Must Raise ur standards 🙏#StopNegativityAgainstSRK

— Yuvraj (@yuvraaaajj) March 29, 2020

“What I do as charity or social service is very private & personal to me and I don’t share it, specially not on social media “

: Shah Rukh Khan#StopNegativityAgainstSRK

— SRK Warriors Club (@TeamSRKWarriors) March 29, 2020


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