Top 5 films of Preity Zinta.

5 best and popular movies of Preity Zinta where she won the audience with her performance.

preity zinta best popular films
Preity Zinta best movies | photo : YRF

Preity Zinta has been one of the prettiest and popular actresses of Bollywood. While the actress hasn’t worked in films since 2008 apart from doing a few cameo appearances, she has won the audiences with a number of performances in some of the most popular Bollywood films. Here are our top 5 picks of best films of Preity Zinta.

1. Veer-Zaara.

In Veer-Zaara, the beautiful actress played the role of a Pakistani woman who falls in love with a Indian man played by Shah Rukh Khan. The movie became one of Preity Zinta’s all time best films with great music. Audiences and critics praised Preeti’s performance.
Preity Zinta best films Veer Zaara

2. Kal Ho Na Ho.

In Kal Ho Na Ho, Preity Zinta played the role of a Naina, an MBA student, who falls for her neighbor. However her neighbor is terminally ill and he tries to set Naina up with her best friend.
Fans loved Preity Zinta’s look with glasses and the movie featured the song ‘Pretty Woman’ which perfectly suited this actress.
Preity Zinta best films Kal Ho Na Ho

3. Heaven On Earth.

Many of you might not know but Preity Zinta’s last film as a leading actress was Deepa Mehta’s Heaven On Earth released in 2008. The actress played the role of a Punjabi woman who is in an abusive arranged married.
Preity Zinta best films heaven on earth

4. Salaam Namaste.

Salaam Namaste is one of the most fun film of Preity Zinta. The actress played the role of Amber who moves in with a man named Nick played by Saif Ali Khan. The film follows their 1 year journey of living together, breaking up and the couple dealing with the pregnancy.
Preity Zinta best films salaam Namaste

5. Chori Chori Chupke Chupke.

Chori Chori Chupke Chupke is the Bollywood film telling the story of surrogacy. Preity Zinta played the role of a pro*titute who has been hired by a couple to carry their baby. Zinta was nominated for best supproting actress for her perormance at Filmfare awards.
Preity Zinta best films Chori Chori Chupke Chupke

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