Urfi Javed stitched herself this revealing stylish outfit – see video.

Urfi Javed wanted to wear this revealing outfit for Filmfare Middle East –
watch video as she raises the heat in a thigh high slit skirt with tiny top.

urfi javed revealing outfit
Urfi Javed in a satin revealing outfit | photo : instagram/urf7i

Urfi Javed, the Indian actress and ex-contestant of
Bigg Boss OTT, is known for her creative and stylish outfit which she stiches
herself. In her latest shared post on Instagram, the actress revealed her
first choice of outfit that she wanted to wear for Filmfare Middle East. The
shared video shows Urfi Javed in a thigh high slit skirt paired with a tiny top
revealing her fine legs and the tattoo on her upper midriff, while sporting a
high ponytail.

However, the actress ended up wearing a gorgeous black gown for the award show
but fans appreciate her for sharing the video and showing how you can be
stylish and creative with just a piece of cloth, scissors and some stitching
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