Watch Enter The Girl Dragon teaser – India’s first martial arts film? Featuring actress Pooja Bhalekar.

Enter The Girl Dragon teaser, featuring actress Pooja Bhalekar. – India’s first martial arts film? Netizens trash the film.

enter the girl dragon actress pooja bhalekar full best scene
Pooja Bhalekar in Enter The Girl Dragon | photo : youtube

Ram Gopal Verma is bringing India’s first martial arts film titled ‘Enter The Girl Dragon’. The film features actress Pooja Bhalekar. The film tells the story of a girl, her love for legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee, and her boyfriend. 

The bizarre love triangle story was enough for netizens to troll the movie but the makers of the film took things further focusing more on the actresses’ thighs than the actual martial arts and story. The actress seems to be giving her hundred percent and the action sequence do look good.
pooja bhalekar actress thighs enter the girl dragon

pooja bhalekar actress thighs enter the girl dragon

However, the way the film has been shot… netizens call it a B-grade film and even worse trolling the director of the film, Ram Gopal Verma, as well. The film claims to be India’s first martial arts film, and netizens ask then what was Chandini Chowk To China?
The 3 minutes and 24 second long teaser trailer of the film features the actress in martial arts sequences in slow motion. Maybe the makers were trying to shoot the film as they would have shot for a male lead… focussing on his abs and biceps, but netizens don’t seem to digest the focus on actress’ thighs.