Watch Ghar Ki Murgi – a short film about importance of a woman in the house.

Ghar Ki Murgi – the short film straight up tells the value and important of the woman in the house. Featuring Sakshi Tanwar and Directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari.

ghar ki murgi best short film sakshi tanwar ashwini iyer tiwari
Best Indian short film on importance of Women – Ghar Ki Murgi | photo : Youtube

Ghar Ki Murgi, the short film released on SonyLiv, is a must watch by whole family as it tells the importance of a woman in the house. Directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari, the film features Sakshi Tanwar as a daughter-in-law, housewife and mother in a family. Iyer captures the details of a middle class family and Sakshi shines in her role.

ghar ki murgi best indian short film sakshi tanwar

The film shows Sakshi doing everyday household chores, taking care of her in-laws, tutoring her kids and taking over the work of the maid whenever she is absent. Apart from being a good housewife, Sakshi also runs a beauty parlor.
One evening, Sakshi’s husband ignores to acknowledge Sakshi’s work in beauty parlor and it hits her. She decided to finally take a break and go on a vacation. In an argument with her husband, Sakshi tells how she takes care of everyone and their every little need, but no one asks how she is doing?
As Sakshi is prepping for her holiday in Goa, her husband and family calculates for the money they will be paying to different people doing one person’s (Sakshi) house work and they come to realize that Sakshi saves half of her husband’s salary with her hard work that no one notices.
What happens next? Just watch the film and find out.