Watch Guru Randhawa’s BLACK new music video.

Guru Randhawa’s much awaited song Black is out now – watch the music video.

guru randhawa black music video actress
Guru Randhawa’s new music video Black featuring actress Krishna Mukherjee | photo :youtube

Guru Randhawa has released his latest song Black. The music video out on T-series tells the a sad story of Guru missing a lover after getting the success and fame. The song is penned and composed by Bunty Bains.

The music video and song is a bit different that Randhawa’s earlier hits. The music video features Indian TV actress, Krishna Mukherjee as Guru Randhawa’s lover who dies in an accident. 
Guru Randhawa has become one of the most popular artist of India, who has worked in Bollywood as well as Hollywood artist Pitbull. With 100s of millions of views on his music videos on YouTube, Randhawa’s popularity is shows in this music video.
The music video is going viral now and is close to hit 500K within first hour of it’s release.