When a cat sniffed broccoli – see what happened next in this video.

Watch the video of a cat sniffing a broccoli, what happened next will make you laugh out loud.

cat sniffing broccoi reaction funny video
Cat sniffs broccoli – funny reaction | photo : gfycat

A video of a cat’s reaction after sniffing a piece of broccoli is going viral now. Shared on reddit by the user name UnnaturalOrder, the video is somewhat relating to people who doesnt’ like broccoli much. The cat reaction to broccoli is on another level though and it’s making the netizens laugh out loud.

via Gfycat

Upon sniffing the broccoli, the kitten hated it’s smell so much that it almost puked. Earlier the videos of Cat’s reaction to cucumber went viral too where cat would be so scared and jump off seeing a cucumber.

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Pet owners have always been sharing the videos of their pets reaction to food and there are many dedicated accounts on social media just for such videos to entertain and make people laugh while also making everyone aware of what your pet might night like or like.
Since Coronavirus outbreak all over the world, and people forced to stay home… everyone is spending more time with their pets and sharing all kinds of cute, sweet or funny videos on social media.