WWE diva Lana’s message for bullies on internet.

Popular WWE diva Lana gives a message to all the hater, bullies and trolls on internet – the diva made much buzz for kissing Bobby Lashley on RAW.

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CJ Perry populary known as Lana from WWE has a message to all her haters and trolls on social media. The beautiful diva of wrestling world shared a post in swimsuit with a message to all the bullies. 

“I’m posting this for all the bullies that have been coming for me in my comments. It’s my body and I can do what I want. Now that’s real #WomenEmpowerment. If men can do it then women can do it #womensrevolution #womensevolution,” Lana said in her shared post.

The actress has been facing much criticism and hate comments on social media for her photos and latest incident of kissing Bobby Lashley on WWE’s RAW.
The model and wrestling star is currently attending Arab Fashion Week in Dubai and shared her experience through Instagram stories.

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