Zealandia – 3 things you should know about it.

Zealandia – the 8th continent, is going to reflect on the world map or not is not confirmed yet. However, it is definitely a continent!
Zeelandia - the eight continent
Original image credit: Nick Mortimer/GNS Science
Here are 3 things you should know about it :
  1. Zealandia was born 85 million years ago.
  2. Its total area is approximately 4,920,000 square km (1.8 million square miles). It is the world’s largest current microcontinent, It is bigger than India and more than half the size of Australian continent. In the image above you see it in two parts which is above see level, but it is actually one underwater.
  3. Bruce Luyendyk came up with the name ‘Zealandia’, who is a professor of geology.