1 out of 10 US travellers have sex in airport – new survey reveals

US.Jetcost.com, an online flight-shopping service conduced a survey that 1 out of every 10 US travellers have sex in the airport. However, 8 percent of the travellers are still the members of Mile High Club.
1 out of 10 US travellers have sex in airport - sex survey
Here are the more details about the survey:
  • 42 percent of the travellers have hooked up in pubic restrooms.
  • 28 percent used storage cupboard.
  • 14 percent under a coat.
  • 12 percent took advantage of VIP lounge.
87 percent of them made got naughty with their partners, while the rest of them hooked up with strangers.
17 percent also have reported of being caught while being naughty by the airport staff.
The online flight-shopping website collected this interesting information from 4915 US users of the website (all the users are over 18).
  • The rest of the travellers used other ways to spend the free time though which includes :
  • Shopping in the terminal (54 percent)
  • Having a drink or food (67 percent)
  • Playing games on their phones (41 percent)
  • Watching TV shows or movies (39 percent)
  • Checking emails (11 percent)
  • Reading (25 percent)