10 Youtube channels you should check out

Youtube is fun, but it’s more fun when you watch the best of it. There are some of the best people on Youtube teaching, entertaining and making you laugh and happy everyday. Some of these people are giants on this video sharing platforms and if you are thinking about starting your own channel, you can learn a few things from them too.
10 Youtube channels you should check out

Here are 10 Youtube channels you should check out :

Ted Talks

Lets start with the channel that is not about comedy or some tutorials, but Ted does helps you understand life and be inspired by hearing from the people who have made a name for themselves, who have achieved something in life. Ted brings the best of everything. You would see a comedian cracking jokes, a hacker telling you how it’s all done, a model telling you that looks are not everything… and so on. Ted’s variety is endless.

Crazzy Russian Hacker

Taras Kulakov (Russian: Тарас Кулаков), better known as “CrazyRussianHacker”, is a 29 year old Russian YouTuber best known for his life hacks, experiments and testing videos. He has 900+ videos on his channel. His phrase “What’s up everybody, welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority” is pretty popular among his fans. Check out his channel and you would find yourself imitating that phrase too.


With more than 12,000 videos, Watchmojo has a lot to offer to you. The channel produces videos with a top ten list of different genres covering film, tv, politics and much more. The narration and the videos they compile are cool and worth to check out.

Screen Junkies – Honest Trailers

It’s hilarious and sarcastic and you just can’t stop watching it.

Jamie Oliver 

He is a British celebrity chef and restaurateur. With 1300+ videos on his channel he has a lot of recipes to teach you and he makes it all very easy to learn. If you are chef or cooking is your hobby, you should check out his channel.

Unbox Therapy

Are you a tech lover and always excited about the new gadgets? Unbox therapy brings you the latest products, unbox them and lets you know everything about them.


Education with cool animation. The channel produces videos about some very interesting theories, facts and all kind of science stuff. With 200 videos and 6 million subscribers, its a channel you should try.

Matt Steffanina 

He is a Choreographer & Entrepreneur from Los Angeles. He has worked with artists like Snoop Dogg and Chris Brown. Either you want to become a dancer or not, you would love to see him and his crew/students shaking legs on your favorite songs.

The CGBros

Do you like animation? Well, then The CGBros brings you the best of it. They have everything you like to know about CGI along with some really amazing short movies. It’s beautiful.


With more than 200 videos and 5.5+ million subscribers, this youtube channel brings you some interesting, easy and cool life hacks to make your life better and easier.