Things you should know about Coffee

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“Would you like to have coffee with me… sometimes?” – these maybe the most popular and effective words to ask someone out, to start a new friendship or relationship, but coffee is more than just a simple excuse.
Here are some interesting facts you should know about coffee…

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  1. Having coffee with someone you like always makes things better, but apart from the company of your loved one coffee actually helps to fight depression and makes you happy.
  2. It lowers the risks of heart disease, some types of cancer and type-two-diabetes.
  3. It helps to burn fats in your body and increases your energy levels, that’s why as soon as you leave bed… coffee is the first thing you want to start your day.
  4. Caffeine also helps with sexual arousal and sets your mood.
  5. Finland tops the list of counties who consumes most coffee, while Brazil is the top producer of coffee.
  6. You should cut down on coffee during the pregnancy, only 200 milligrams (mg) per day is recommended for pregnant women.