Who is Iqbal Masih, The little hero?

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Iqbal Masih, The Little Hero, was a little boy. However, what he did wasn’t little. Born in 1983 in Pakistan, Iqbal became a symbol of abusive child labor in this developing world. He was just four years old when his parents sold him for 600 rupees to a local employer, who owned some carpet weaving business. … Read more

Things you should know about Coffee

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“Would you like to have coffee with me… sometimes?” – these maybe the most popular and effective words to ask someone out, to start a new friendship or relationship, but coffee is more than just a simple excuse. Here are some interesting facts you should know about coffee… Having coffee with someone you like always … Read more

Signs That Say “Your Relationship Is About To End”.


Being in a good relationship is most beautiful feeling in this world. but sometime its not like what desired to be and then the problem starts. small things start to destroy your feelings and situation continuously moving to worst. lets see some common signs that let to the phrase “its not working anymore”.  Hugs, Kisses, … Read more