Signs That Say “Your Relationship Is About To End”.

Relation 1
Being in a good relationship is most beautiful feeling in this world. but sometime its not like what desired to be and then the problem starts. small things start to destroy your feelings and situation continuously moving to worst. lets see some common signs that let to the phrase “its not working anymore”. 

Hugs, Kisses, or holding hands are not so much passionate as it used to be earlier.
You both are no more having common opinions and  neither of you want to accept.
Every conversation leads to argument or fight.
couple arguing
Every meeting is not what it used to be earlier.
Every good intention converts in bad results.
Your partner is no more caring about your thoughts and believes.

You needed extra space for some time without any specific reasons and alone you feel good then being together.
Your partner have more time for their friends but not for you.

If you are experiencing any of these situation then talk about it and start sorting them, you can consult some exerts too. if all these fails the please except the fact and move on. there are much more things that are waiting for you.