11 stunning moms of American TV shows.

11 popular moms of American TV shows who became a crush of many – Hollywood actresses who won the fans in the role of a stylish, lovable or glamorous mother.

American TV shows has featured some of the most stunning women in the role of a mom who went on to win much critical praises as well as global fan following and becoming highest paid or most popular actresses of TV.

See these 11 moms of American TV who won many hearts.


1. Gloria – Sofia Vergara – Modern Family.

gloria modern family sofia vergara tv mom

Sofia Vergara won millions of hearts and became a fantasy women of many with her role as Gloria in Modern Family. Her latin charm, accent and beauty with elegance wowed fans. The character also made her one of the most popular actresses of American TV shows.

2. Claire – Modern Family.

claire modern family julie bowen tv mom

Actress Julie Bowen beautiful portrayed the role of Claire Dunphy in popular American TV show, Modern Family. Her natural beautiful looks and wittiness added more to the character.

3. Lily – Gossip Girl.

lily gossip girl kelly rutherford tv mom

Actress Kelly Rutherford played the role of a mother named Lily in Gossip Girl. Her stunning and stylish looks won many hearts.

4. Susan – Desperate Housewives.

susan desperate housewives teri hatcher tv mom

Teri Hatcher portrayed a single mother named Susan Mayer whose lovable personality and charm made viewers fall for her.

5. Lorelai – Gilmore Girls.

lorelai gilmore girls lauren graham tv mom

Actress Lauren Graham won many hearts for her role as Lorelai aka Rory’s Mom in Gilmore Girls.

6. Claire – House Of Cards.

claire house of cards robin wright tv mom

Stunning Robin Wright portrayed a strong and commanding role of a mom who is also a polical figure in popular TV show House Of Cards.

7. Betty – Mad Men.

betty mad men january jones tv mom

January Jones definitely became a crush of many after her portrayal of a mom in Mad Men. Her beauty, grace and charm made her the the perfect choice to play this role of a Housewife and mom.

8. Joan – Mad Men.

joan mad men christina hendricks tv mom

Stunning Christina Hendricks was another reason for many to watch Mad Men. Blessed with fine curves and charm, her portrayal of a single mother named Joan was irrestitable for many.

9. Debra – Everybody Loves Raymond.

debra everybody loves raymond patrcia heaton tv mom

Americana TV actress, Patricia Heaton, became a favorite of many after her portrayal of Debra in Everybody Loves Raymond. Her comic timing and charm added much to the show.

10. Skyler – Breaking Bad.

skyler breaking bad anna gunn tv mom

Breaking Bad is ranked among some of the most popular TV shows of all time, among it’s various iconic characters, Anna Gunn, who chose to play the wife of Walter White, gained a seperate fan base for her role as well. Her stunning beauty and elegance became one of the reasons for many to watch the show.

11. Mary – Young Sheldon.

mary young sheldon zoe perry tv mom

Playing the role of Mary Cooper, the lovable mother of Sheldon Cooper along with two other kids, Zoe Perry earned much praises and love of fans as well as many crushing on her as well.

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