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Ullu App - Palang Tod - all actresses names, Instagram and photos. Full episodes' cast details.

Ullu App Palang Tod web series full cast - all episodes actresses names, photos and instagram details.

ullu app palang tod actress full cast
Ullu app - Palang Tod actresses - Mishti Basu, Simran Khan and Rekha Mona Sarkar | photo : Instagram

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If you have searched the questions like who is the acterss in Palang Tod web series from Ullu App or Instagram name of Ullu App actress from Palang Tod? this article is for you.

Palang Tod is one of the popular web series of Indian OTT Plantform and streaming service - Ullu App. The series is as popular as Charmsukh and Riti Riwaj following the same format of telling an independent separate story per episode or sometimes following multiple episodes. The series has features some popular names like Rajsi verma and Ruks Khandagale of Indian web series.

Here we have listed the names, photos and Insatgram of each actress from Palang Tod web series.

1. Ullu App - Palang Tod episode - Caretaker.

Actress Simran Khan played the role of Nurse.
Instagram: @_simrankhanofficial_

Actress Rekha Mona Sarkar played the role of Wife.
Instagram : @rekha_mona_sarkar

2. Ullu App - Palang Tod episode - Bekaaboo Dil.

Actress Muskan Agarwal played the role of daughter Shreya.

3. Ullu App - Palang Tod episode - Gaon Ki Garmi.

Actress Mahi Kaur played the role of Mami Ji.
Instagram: @the_holyrebel

4. Ullu App - Palang Tod episode - Double Dhamaka.

Actress Ruks Khandagale  in the role of Chachi's sister.
Instagram: @rukskhandagale

Actress Rajsi Verma in the role of Chachi.
Instagram: @official_rajsi_verma

5. Ullu App - Palang Tod episode - Mom and Daughter.

Actress Shikha Batra played the role of Mom.
Instagram: @shikha_2808

Actress Shivangi Roy played the role of Daughter.
Instagram: @roy_shivangi

6. Ullu App - Palang Tod episdoe - Shor.

Actress Rekha Mona Sarkar played the role of wife.
Instagram: @rekha_mona_sarkar

7. Ullu App - Palang Tod - Aadha Adhura Pyaar.

Actress Mishti Basu plays the role of Bhabhi.
Instagram: @iammishtibasu

8. Ullu App - Palang Tod - Saali Aadhi Gharwaali.

Actress Hiral Radadiya plays the double role of wife and sister in law.
Instagram: @hiralradadiya

 9. Ullu App - Palang Tod - Naye Padosi.

Actress Rekha Mona Sarkar played the role of housewife.
Instagram: @rekha_mona_sarkar

Actress Pihu played the role of maid in Palang Tod's Naye Padosi.
Instagram: @pihu.s.7385

10. Ullu App - Palang Tod - Blackmail.

Actress Simran Khan played the role of mother's friend named Ishika.
Instagram : @_simrankhanofficial_

Actress Kanchan Awasthi played the role of wife/mother.
Instagram: @kanchanawasthiofficial

11. Ullu app - Palang Tod - Anniversary Gift.

Actress Revathi Acharya played the role of wife named Ishika.
Instagram: @revathiacharyya

12. Ullu App - Palang Tod - Caretaker 2.

Actress Paromita Pari plays the role of a care taker named Shanaya.
Instagram : @paromita_007

13. Ullu App - Palang Tod - Damad Ji.

Actress Rajsi Verma plays the role of Mother-In-Law.
Instagram : @rajsivermofficial__

Actress Aayushi Jaiswal plays the role of Wife.
Instagram : @official_aayushi_jaiswal

14. Ullu app - Palang Tod - Beta Aashiq, Baap Ayyash.

Actress Kanchan Arora plays the role of mother.
Instagram : @kanchansayshello

Actress Aditi Kohli played the role of girlfriend/daughter.
Instagram : @_aditii_kohlii_

15. Ullu app - Palang Tog - Siskiyaan.

Actress Noor Malabika aka Malabika Das played the role of daugher in law/bahu Renu.
Instagram : @noormalabika1

Actress Priya Gamre played the role of Sheila.
Instagram : @priyagamreefame

Actress Hiral Radadiya played the role of Mary.
Instagram : @hiralradadiya.93

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