Valentine’s Special – 5 best romantic moments of Shah Rukh Khan.

5 most beautiful and romantic moments of Shah Rukh Khan – Iconic scenes that made SRK the biggest lover in Bollywood.

shah rukh khan best romantic scene learn how to be romantic
Best romantic moments of Shah Rukh Khan – learn how to romance.

Shah Rukh Khan has been the biggest romantic hero in Bollywood. A shy person in his own words has romanced the most beautiful women in Bollywood and redefined the meaning of romance in most beautiful ways.

The language of love is universal and maybe that’s why Shah Rukh Khan became the most popular actor in the world with a fan following in billions. From Deewana to his last released ZERO, SRK has shown different ways to show his love for his actress – sometimes in a grand way and sometimes in most subtle ways.
Here are 5 best romantic moments of Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan is probably the only actor in the Industry who has been known for his monologues and his dialogue from Kal Ho Na Ho, when he expresses his feelings for Preity Zinta, on behalf of Saif Ali Khan, became one of his best scenes. Shah Rukh Khan proved that sometimes you don’t need expensive gifts or to do anything grand, but just say what you feel for your loved one.

4. When Raj did Karwa Chauth for Simran in DDLJ.

dilwake dulhaniya le jayenge karwa chauth scene shah rukh khan romantic

Today many men fast for their wives on Karwa Chauth, but Shah Rukh Khan showed this sweet gesture 25 years ago in his most popular film Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. When Simran played by Kajol does Karwa Chauth for Raj, he did same for the actress… without even bragging about it. 

3. When Rahul confesses his love for Tina in Kunch Kuch Hota Hai.

Shah Rukh Khan played another iconic character of Rahul in Kuch Kuch Hota Hain. When he goes to meet Tina in her house, Rahul expresses his love for Tina in his own way by just bowing his head in front of her – because earlier Rahul says a man only bows infront of three women – Goddess Durga, Your own mom and The Woman you love.

2. When Veer-Zara reunites.

shah rukh khan romantic scene veer zara

Shah Rukh Khan’s Veer-Zara is one of this best films with a love story that made everyone cry. Shah Rukh proved that love has no boundaries, no religion and no age. After 22 years, when Veer and Zara, played by Preity Zinta, reunites in court,  old Veer again goes on his knees to put on an ankle bracelet on Zara’s leg. It is a beautiful moment telling everyone that you are never too old to express your love. 

1. All you need is a love for a marriage.

shah rukh khan best romantic scene in kabhi alvida na kehna

In Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Shah Rukh Khan and Rani Mukherjee are married but not to each other, yet they somehow connect and falls in love with each other which leads to an extra marital affair. While the film was criticized for it’s questionable storyline, the climax scene between Shah Rukh Khan and Rani Mukhjerjee is one of the most romantic. SRK, who is a little disabled with his one leg… still goes on his knees asking Rani to spend the rest of her life with him and he asks her to answer quick cause his leg is hurting… it’s a funny, romantic and tear jerking moment.


Bauaa’s grand singing and dancing for Aafia to win her heart.

Shah Rukh Khan also showed that its okay to do something grand if you can to express your love for someone and that’s what Bauaa Singh does in ZERO for Aafia. Bauaa spend a huge amount of money arranging a big singing and dancing performance for Aafia played by Anushka Sharma, but it’s the lyrics of the song and the whole emotion and feeling behind it that wins Aafia’s heart.