5 Hollywood movies with Bollywood references.

5 popular Hollywood movies which featured Bollywood references – from iconic songs or dance sequences or costumes. 

While Bollywood has been criticized for copying various Hollywood films, Hollywood has also tried it’s luck in adapting some Bollywood films. Today, as big Hollywood movies do great business in India, filmmakers sometimes desperately try to include some kind of Indian reference or cast a Bollywood actor to make more buzz as well as call for controversies.

Here we have picked 5 Hollywood films which used Bollywood references purely for making cinema more magical.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005).

This American comedy movie starring Steve Carell features a Bollywood style dance sequence.

Million Dollar Arm (2014).

This 2014 movie is about an American sports agent finding baseball pitchers from India. The film also features Bollywood refrences in various scenes.

Moulin Rouge! (2001).

Featuring Nicole Kidman, this Hollywood musical featured a dance sequence inspired from Bollywood and also featured Bollywood song ‘Chamma Chamma’ which originally features Urmila Matondkar.

Ghost World (2001).

This 2001 movie starring Avengers actress, Scarlett Johanson, featured a Bollywood song from the movie Gumnam as the movie’s intro scene.

Inside Man (2006).

This Spike Lee directed American crime thriller starring Denzel Washington with Jodie Foster featured A. R. Rahman’s iconic Chaiyya Chaiyya song as background in opening and end credit scene.

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