5 Hollywood movies with Bollywood references.

hollywood movies with bollywood songs

5 popular Hollywood movies which featured Bollywood references – from iconic songs or dance sequences or costumes.  While Bollywood has been criticized for copying various Hollywood films, Hollywood has also tried it’s luck in adapting some Bollywood films. Today, as big Hollywood movies do great business in India, filmmakers sometimes desperately try to include some … Read more

9 best movies about serial killers.

best movies about serial killers

Top 9 movies about serial killers (real life or fictional) – The Silence Of The Lambs, American Psycho and more. Audience has always been seemed interested in a movie or tv show about a serial killer. From creating a mystery – which audience engages to solve as well – to simply bringing horror on screen, … Read more

5 best horror films based on books/novels.

best horror films based on books

5 best horror films based on books – Scary stories which made their way from paper to screen. Horror movies inspired from novels. Horror definitely one of the most watched genre in movies with many sub-genre. While there has been a flood of such films in mainstream cinema and has created their own universe like … Read more