6 best Turkish horror movies you should watch.

turkish horror movies

Top Turkish horror movies which should be on your watch list – Debbe, Siccin, Baskin and more – movies about Jinn, supernatural, possession and more. Turkish dramas have gained significant fan following in other Muslim and middle eastern and South Asian countries. Turkish films of horror genre is also something should be on your watch … Read more

7 best Bengali horror films you should watch.

bengali horror films

7 popular Bengali horror films that should be on your watch list – watch these horror, supernatural and thrilling stories unfold. Bengali cinema has always been praised and inspired many projects in other languages and commercial Bollywood as well. The regional cinema has also produced some great horror films which will haunt you for sure. … Read more

5 best horror films based on books/novels.

best horror films based on books

5 best horror films based on books – Scary stories which made their way from paper to screen. Horror movies inspired from novels. Horror definitely one of the most watched genre in movies with many sub-genre. While there has been a flood of such films in mainstream cinema and has created their own universe like … Read more

Watch Speak No Evil trailer – James McAvoy new horror movie.

speak no evil trailer james mcavoy horror movie

James McAvoy wins fans with new psychological horror movie – Watch Speak No Evil trailer starring Mackenzie Davis, Aisling Franciosi and Alix West Lefler. James McAvoy has fans excited for his upcoming horror-thriller titled Speak No Evil which is a remake of Danish film of same title released in 2022. The film tells the story … Read more